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By master knife maker and expert sharpener Lyle Brunckhorst of Bronk's Knifeworks








Mr. Brunckhorst,

I recently ordered the Edge Pro Apex complete package from you. I just
wanted to say thank you for your great service and price on this product. I
am currently on a break from my sharpening frenzy-I have never seen sharper
edges on knives as can be achieved with the edge pro. Well worth the money!!

Mike Carrick


I purchased the Apex Edge Pro a few weeks back and just wanted to say, FINALLY, I can sharpen a knife!!!! Can\'t tell you how many sharpening stones and other gadgets I have tried with minimal success to actually making the knifes worse than when I started sharpening them. I can finally shave the hair off my arm, I guess that is my way of determining how sharp the knife is. I searched for weeks trying to find the knife sharpener I THOUGHT would do the job. I would definitely recommend the Apex to anyone, and I already have. Thanks again for solving my issues with sharpening knives, and the prompt delivery.

Randy Hull

Hi Lyle,
Seriously, I just wanted to tell you thanks for your excellent service in 
providing with the knowledge to purchase the Edge Pro.  Everything you said 
has made it easy for me to sharpen - even stainless steel - knives.  As my 
ability with the Edge Pro grows,  I am sure I will be buying more items from 
you.  Once again thank you for your excellent service and generosity in 
sharing your knife knowledge.
Christopher Melugin

I got my Edge Pro knife sharpener from you and have had a chance to sharpen my knifes. This is the first and only knife sharpener that I have purchased that truly works. I recently took it to my hunt camp and sharpened some of my buddies knifes. They were amazed at how quickly I could sharpen their blades and at how sharp they were when I finished.. Thanks for a great product........ Carl Baze



What a great tool! Last night I took some time to redo the edges on some of my older knives in the kitchen and I am really impressed with the results. I had an old Forschner kitchen knife that was really tired. By taking my time I redid the bevel and got a mirror polish on the edge that is genuinely razor sharp again. Not bad for an old stamped knife!

I have also redone a Chinese cleaver and a chisel edge sport knife with WONDERFUL results.

For what it is worth I have a decent background in both the kitchen as a line cook and in the world of custom knifemaking via a departed friend Mel Ferris -- so I know a tad about putting an edge on things. Your system is cool!

Thanks so much!

David Lewis


Hi, Lyle Just thought I'd let you know that I'm very pleased with my purchase of an Apex Edge Pro sharpening system. It works! Enjoyed your little book, too. Best regards, Ivan Kursar


I received the Edge Pro you shipped. Thanks.

I'm very happy with it. Have sharpened everything between razor blades to my largest kitchen knife (a heavy duty 14" blade). It does a great job in a very short time.

Gene Hull


Lyle, I got the Edge Pro last night when I got home.  Thanks for the great service.  You are correct my very first knife came off the unit with a great clean crisp edge.  After I removed the burr it was able to shave hair and slice through news print easily.  With a little practice imagine what I will be able to do.  Thanks again. Korey


Received Edge Pro Apex model yesterday. Check out my thread in Blade Forums, just type in Apex Ultimate Deal and it'll be there.

I started it before I ordered and general consensus was nothing but positive. So I ordered and it has exceeded my expectations.

Sharpened 3 knives and they all slice paper, just like DVD showed. Kudos to all of you for a very reasonably priced sharpening system, that I think everyone should have. Wowed knife buddies last night and one will be ordering your system this week.

Look forward to me ordering some more of your products in the very near future. I have my eye on your railroad spike knife w/sheath.

Doug Castor.


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Or call (425) 402-3484

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