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Lyle edge quenching a blade By master knife maker and knife sharpening expert Lyle Brunckhorst of Bronk's Knifeworks


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Knife & Scissors Sharpening Service for the discriminating professional or home chef.

I have moved my Sharpening Service to a new location after 20 years of serving my knife sharpening customers from the Country Village location to the North Creek Valley Grange at 19510 Bothell - Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA.

I am situated directly behind Wise Key Shop and the Taquria taco truck which are between F&F Auto and Tiles for Less.

Although it is possible to find a place, in the Seattle area, to spend more money on knife sharpening, you are going to experience some great difficulty in finding a better service.

Knife sharpening is often more than just grinding or honing a sharp edge on a blade. Doing the job right is often a combination of removing the sway, developed in the edge by continued sharpening, so that the blade will contact the cutting board again, allowing the knife to cut all the way through those carrots again.

It is also necessary to thin the blade in order to allow for easy cutting and I do that somewhat as a part of normal operation, however the blade may require, in time, a significant regrinding to regain it desired geometry.

I also like to remove that pesky part of the bolster, on some chef knives, that obstructs proper blade sharpening and usage of the knife. I could never really figure out why some companies insist on putting a blob of useless metal where it has absolutely no purpose and stands squarely in the way of cutting or sharpening.

Stop in for a chat, or maybe have a knife or two tuned up, Lyle is good at talking sharp and stuff.

Before the great economic disaster of 2008, I sold what I considered the worlds best knife sharpeners and still offer the information for them below for those interested in finding the best. Enjoy.

Common sense sharpening systems for the Knife Sharpening novice or professional


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Use the table below to decide which of the two knife sharpeners would be best for you

or check out the Q&A page

Key Benefits of both systems

bulletCreates precise edge angles to match any job or application.
bulletKnife guide system will sharpen a wide variety of blades, including serrated edges.
bulletRemoves far less metal than electric knife sharpeners adding to the life of your knives.
bulletCreates no heat -- will not damage the temper of the steel.
bulletProduces an even and straight edge.
bulletRugged construction for long service life.
bulletWill be the last knife sharpener that you will ever need to purchase.
bulletCan be used for Professional Sharpening to earn extra cash.
bulletFull telephone or E mail support.
bulletFactory warranty against defects or workmanship.
bulletMy personal guaranty that if you follow my simple instructions that you will have the sharpest knives that you have ever used. Sometimes referred in our industry as scary sharp.


EZE Sharp


Edge Pro Apex

    Stores in handy carry case
Equally at home in the kitchen or the shop   Great choice for the kitchen or in the chef's kit

The EZE Sharp holds the blade firmly in the flip over and allows you to use both hands to run the stone. The stone guide rod runs up and down the angle adjustment rod to accommodate long blades.

  Blade shelf adjusts to the width of the blade and allows you to sharpen longer blades by sliding the blade along the shelf.
Blade is easily flipped over to allow sharpening both sides without re-clamping blade.   By changing hands you can turn the knife over and sharpen other side.
Can be used with one handed operation   Sets up in seconds & mounts with suction cups to counter top.
Clamps solidly to bench.   Set can be purchased with a variety of stones grits; 120, 220, 320, 600 1,000 grit stones and a blank with 2,000 to 6,000grit tape.
Set includes two stone holders to hold full size bench stones   Complete Edge Pro Apex A-4

Description: More precise and faster than any other jigged hand sharpening system. The Apex A4 by Edge Pro does a precise sharpening job on any knife. The Apex is small, light, and portable. It can be adjusted to a wide range of knife angles and so is ideal for European as well as Japanese chef's knives as well as custom knives and folders.

The Apex A4 is the DELUXE Edge Pro Sharpener. It includes the Apex Sharpening System, cloth, water bottle, 8" 1200 grit ceramic hone, 120 grit (coarse), 220 grit (medium fine), 320 grit (extra fine), 600 grit (extra fine) and 1000 grit (ultra fine) water stones, two sharpening tape blanks, 2000 grit polishing tape, 6000 grit polishing tape, instruction manual and DVD enclosed in black cordura carrying case. Lifetime guarantee.

Double sided stones can be clamped in stone holder guide and flipped over giving you 2 grits to work with for each stone holder.

Can be used with Edge Pro stones and guide rod.

Variety of accessories can be adapted to the file adapter to make this unit a very versatile system.

Can be purchased with extra stone holder for using super fine stone, etc.   A'Vant Garde Apex A-3

Includes the Apex Sharpening System, cloth, water bottle, 8" 1200 grit ceramic hone, 120 grit (coarse), 220 grit (medium fine), 320 grit (extra fine), 600 grit (extra fine) and 1000 grit (ultra fine) water stones. Instruction manual and DVD enclosed in black cordura carrying case.
Lifetime guarantee.

A very versatile knife sharpener that will sharpen a wide variety of tools with addition  of wedge scissors & tool attachment.

The EZE Sharp system would be more comparable to the
Edge Pro Professional model for service and durability.

Flip over can be machined to accommodate small knives and still sharpen a large knife.   Special

Includes; 220, 320 & 600 grit stones, carry case, wash cloth, water bottle and

Larger flip over can be purchased to sharpen very large knives, 9 to 16 inches or more.  
EZE Sharp $295.00 Includes Knife Sharpener with 4" flip over, two stone holders, manual,  file fitting attachment, tool pack and "The Secret World of Sharpening".

  Standard model A-1

Includes the Apex Sharpening System, cloth, water bottle, 220 grit (medium fine) & 320 grit (extra fine) water stones. Instruction manual enclosed in black cordura carrying case. Lifetime guarantee.

Available accessories include:



8" Flip - over


2" by 8" Stone Holders

Knife Sharpening Stones

  Course/Medium 120/320 silica carbide bench stone

Coarse bench stone 120 grit

  Medium bench stone 320 grit

Fine bench stone 600 grit

bulletDouble sided fine/super fine

  Available accessories include:

Tape blank


Ceramic Steel

No longer in stock



No longer in stock

please go to

Edge Pro Web Site

I have sold well over a thousand Edge Pro knife sharpeners and many EZE Sharp systems over the past several years to satisfied customers that have in return, sent many glowing testimonials and I have used this great knife sharpener in my own shop as well.

Recently I have discovered a new knife sharpener or knife sharpening system that I have become to like as well as the Edge Pro.

The EZE Sharp from Australia can deliver the same incredible edge as the Edge Pro but has taken a little different approach.

I have now finally come to believe that the EZE Sharp system is pound for pound and dollar for dollar the better value of the two because of its price, ease of use, versatility and rugged durability.

It fastens solidly to table or bench and allows the use of both hands to guide the stones over the blade’s edge. It also uses full size bench stones that are easy to find in many different grits and will last a very long time with hard use.

Because of its versatility and ruggedness, I compare it more to the Edge Pro’s Professional model knife sharpeners on steroids.

Ninety percent or more of obtaining a good edge comes from understanding the basics of knife sharpening. The manuals that come with the knife sharpeners are very comprehensive and easy to understand but having another look from a different view point is always a good thing and will make the process much more clear.

I am asking that my customers please refrain from using American Express credit card on my shopping cart or for that matter, any where else. At this time I do not honor their cards.

However, my shopping cart, at this time, is not capable of deselecting that card, but I felt the need to stop using their services. For a more detailed account of why I made this decision, please go to my blog.




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